While traveling, most people choose similar subjects for the photos they take to document it — sunsets, selfies, cityscapes, brunch plates, mountaintops. For the fitness loving traveler, however, adding a fitness pose to your vacation backdrop can be a fun way to mix things up and commemorate your visits to new places — even better when you perfect your signature pose and can recreate it in countless places.

Instill vacation envy and fitness envy all at once and do it for the ‘gram! Not sure which pose should be your signature while you’re on the road? Read on for some suggested poses — from basic to advanced — and a few tips on how to capture the perfect shot.



Why not take on your travel bucket list while upside down? Taking on an inversion head first will give you a whole new perspective while traveling, and the pose has a myriad of health benefits. And of course, it makes for a killer photo! Known as “Sirsasana” to the yoga community, the headstand helps you feel physically and mentally refreshed, and incorporates shoulder, core, and leg strength. Give the pose a whirl in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, or a lighthouse for photo effect. You’re on vacation so flip your feet in the air like you just don’t care.


Tree pose

If you haven’t quite reached headstand status, a tree pose is manageable for pretty much anyone with decent balance, and still gives off the Zen yogi vibes in your photo. Center yourself with this meditative pose, and take in the scenery. Next time you’re hiking among towering sequoia trees or frolicing through a patch of redwood groves, bust out a tree pose while channeling peace and nature vibes for the ultimate Instagram masterpiece.


Dancer pose

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This fitness pose epitomizes meditation, balance, flexibility and beauty. Yogis and dancers who love to fill their passport pages can also fill their Instagram feed with dancer poses around the world as a fun way to photodocument each destination. Whether it’s the Golden Gate Bridge or a national park behind you, striking the dancer pose will create a peaceful vibe. To perfect this pose, make sure you keep your hips square, and fix your gaze on a non-moving fixed point to keep balanced. While challenging, one thing’s for sure — this pose is graceful and gorgeous no matter where you are in the world.


 Straight flexin’

If you’re on vacay and come across the perfect scenic vista, then sometimes a shameless display of your biceps is totally justified. Plus, when space is limited, this pose is a much easier option than some complicated inversion or advanced yoga sequence. Flash a flex for your next fitness photo when you reach the apex of an epic mountain hike — try taking it as a panoramic photo to capture the 360 degree views!


Flying sidekick

Hoping to channel your inner martial arts guru while instilling vacation envy among your friends? This pose combines the best of skill, balance, and coordination all in one. For this action shot, you’ll need a better than average photographer to capture you delivering a killer kick mid-air. For even more dramatic effect, go for a slow-mo video or Boomerang of this move. Try capturing this pose in front of an ancient temple or in a vast open field to truly slay this power photo.



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We’ll leave this one for the gymnast and yogi pros. If your flexibility is on fleek, opt for a backbend for a more avant garde travel photo opp. Backbends release all the tension from constantly rounding our back and shoulders at work and in our daily activities, so next time you’re on vacation, reap the relaxing benefit of this move and snap a memorable shot while you’re at it. Try this one on the beach at sunrise for an elegant shot.


P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude)

This one has become more and more widespread thanks to London BARRY’s Bootcamp trainer, Faisal Abdalla (aka “Mr. PMA”). More or less, the pose basically entails one arm flexed with the other pointed sky-high at a diagonal. Faisal popularized the move to spread the positive fitness vibes, and now his clients and followers are tagging their own “PMA” poses with #PMAPostCard as they travel around the globe. Join the movement and throw a PMA sign the next time you pose for a vacay pic.